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” In the deep, sometimes secret places of your being there lives a desire for healing and restoration that starts with a longing to be seen, listened to, and deeply understood!”

Lasting change is not just about willpower.

If you’re trying to control your anxiety and depression or heal a traumatic event, I’m sure you’ve been advised on a million ways to do this, right? And as Mind-body Coach, I whole-heartedly agree with most of the advice out there.

But here’s the thing: If you want to live better, you have to FEEL BETTER first.


More specifically, you have to LOVE YOURSELF first.

People on a (never ending) feel better journey feel anxious, overwhelmed and deprived.

Out of fear and desperation they jump from tool to tool and force themselves to do things they hate, all the while praying they’ll finally find the willpower to make it stick. But as I’m sure you know, they rarely do.

Most traditional wellness plans ONLY focus on changing actions in order to achieve results— they focus on changing what you do or how much medication you take, right? But in order to create LONG-LASTING wellness in your life, you really need to…

Shift your thoughts and your beliefs

Let go of your negative thoughts and stop self-sabotage

Take care of your emotional needs 1st

Treat yourself with respect and kindness

Love and integrate all aspects of yourself

You need to make internal changes so that you can create a FEEL BETTER lifestyle that works specifically for YOU.


” If there’s one thing I’ve learned working as a Mind-body coach (and overcoming my own emotional struggles!), it’s that you cannot solve your emotional challenges with the same hateful mindset that got you here. And you can’t create a nourishing relationship with yourself through negative thinking and fear. “

Jessa Johnson

It just doesn’t work.

Brightlife’s Mind-body Wellness Plan is an entirely NEW way to create lasting change and wellness in your life.

It’s a kinder, saner and easier way,
and I’m so excited to share it with you.

There’s this insane idea in the world of self-hate that if we compare ourselves enough, torture ourselves enough, and shame and guilt ourselves enough, that somehow, we’ll end up happy and confident. It’s crazy… and it’s (obviously!) not the path to happiness. So the question is this: How long will you suffer and struggle before you return to your heart and create healthy change from a place of awareness and care?

It’s time for you to take your power back.
It’s time for you to treat yourself and your body with deep compassion.
It’s time for you to release old unprocessed wounds and to start your healing journey.
Because what I know FOR SURE is this:




And it doesn’t matter how many years or decades you have struggled, I know with all my heart that you absolutely have the power to transform your relationship with your body and yourself. I’ve done it and you can do it too. We all have the power to do this.


You CAN create a life with more nourishment, more healing, more health, more clarity, more freedom and more confidence. Your depression, anxiety and traumas are not a curse—they are an INVITATION to start understanding yourself and your life in a much deeper way.


My Mind-body Wellness plans and Coaching is meant for women who are ready to make real changes in their life. If you’re looking for a fast-fix, I can’t help you. But if you want lasting change, a healthy lifestyle, and freedom from your emotional demons—if you’re ready to truly understand and move past your challenges so you can live a more fulfilling life—you’re in the right place.

Plans may include:

》 Massage ~ can teach you to be still, be present and be in your body. Connecting all three corners of the triangle together to create a powerful connection in your mind, body and spirit.

》Mind-body coaching~ gives you a sounding board to bounce off your ideas, break down the road blocks and learn to step into your power!

》 Restorative Mind-body Sessions~ helps you find the relief and healing your body needs through a series of relaxing restorative yoga poses, therapeutic touch, and guided breath-work where you can relax, calm your mind and where you are guided to be still, be present and be in your body to create a powerful connection in mind, body and spirit to create a powerful healing path This is where healing truly begins.

》Trauma Touch Therapy ~ works to integrate the pieces again. It provides a slow application of touch that helps bring the client back to themselves – to take residence, if you will, back in their bodies. The work is led by the needs of the client, actually asking them to think through their own somatic needs. Where is the pain? Where is the tension? What does it feel like? Is it okay to touch? Trauma Touch Therapy is a process of integration weaving itself through the course of 10 sessions with the client typically clothed.

》 Homework to help you in your day to day life to build a solid foundation of self-care. Such as daily journaling, exercise to move the body, small tools to use during trigger points in your day and more…

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My wellness programs help create an internal support system, refocus your energy and shift your mindset to build a solid foundation of self-care to help you create lasting change. The more you take the small steps to care for yourself, body and mind the better you will feel. Move
in a direction of living a life that attracts healthier relationships, better jobs. and situations that bring you more joy and laughter in your life! When you feel good in the inside, you will feel good on the outside! You will see this reflecting in your everyday life..

Join Jessa on this transformational journey and find your true power from within! 

Enrollment for Mindbody Coaching will open soon.
Use the contact form and sign yourself up for the waiting list.


You Hold The Power!

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