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It’s okay if the only thing you do today is breathe


It can be difficult living a life feeling like you are constantly holding your breath. Yet, when you are living in the shadow of depression, low self-esteem or the constant rumble of negative thoughts you do not breathe. You are paralyzed in the pain, detached from your body, and separated from your true self. Depression becomes your only reality, your life and your way of living.

I know, for me, trying to heal my life along with trying to balance the responsibilities of normal everyday life often left me feeling like I was failing at everything. I felt so alone. I felt like I was programmed to do and be someone I was not just so the world would accept me. I felt unworthy, broken and beat down. I had to take a step back and look deep inside of myself before it was too late but I didn’t know how or where to even begin. I wanted to live a life I loved, to feel joy, and most of all just be able to smile again. The problem was, I didn’t trust myself or the world around me. I was lost, alone and scared

On a day where my pain and struggles seemed unbearable, I received an email for a book by Gabby Bernstein. It was in this book that I found hope and change as I slowly applied the different tools to my life. I felt some unknown power lifting me up and carrying me through the weeks that followed. I woke up everyday telling myself that I just needed to make it through today. I took one day at a time, one step at a time, and began my journey. I found peace in my daily walks in the mountains, and in my journaling & conversations with God. Once I made the choice to better myself, my life started to turn around. I took all of Gabby Bernstein”s courses, read all her books and applied everything I learned to my own life. I used what worked and dumped what didn’t. Slowly but surely my life started to change and without any notice or warning I realized I wasn’t depressed anymore and the darkness was gone. The pain had disappeared and in its place, I was experiencing more happiness, joy and love in my life.  And this is my mission for you!

♡  feel empowered ♡  create change ♡  start living ♡  find happiness

I can help you find the FREEDOM & HEALING needed to create a life that feels good to you!

Join my 5 week coaching program and let me support you as you heal your life!


I created a place where you always feel welcome, safe, and understood. A place where someone is here for you, who will understand & support you along the way. You do not have to go through your struggles alone!

I am here for the moments when you just need a friend, no matter where you are or what you’re going through. You can work through the hard times day to day, one step at a time. Moving at your own pace, and finding what works for you. Learning valuable tools to help you overcome emotional challenges and limiting self-beliefs. Moving past the barriers that keep you stuck. Finding a path that works for you to get you heading in the right direction.

Only you have the power to heal yourself and your life. I think of myself as a stepping stone on a pathway of self-discovery. I am here to help guide you on this journey and help you find a place of peace, love and happiness. I can’t promise you change. Only you can take the steps to create that. I can however promise you friendship, support and love as you find your way.

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• Journaling • Support, Love & Acceptance


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