Welcome to a brighter life!

I’m so glad you made it here! Do you know what happens when you book a session with Brightlife?

You are scheduling time for your own emotional health and wellness. To be deeply cared for. To be deeply understood. 

To heal.

To relax.

To restore.

To find balance.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.

If you’re feeling emotionally exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and tired of feeling that deep empty sadness..

This is your healing place. 


There is a form of healing that takes place during your session. You begin to let go. You begin to release the build up of overwhelm & stress. You begin to deeply relax & release chronic tension in your body. You start to find freedom in your emotional well-being and health.

If you could hit the reset button on your body & mind, this is it. Now is the time!

If you could turn the dial down on your symptoms related to stress, anxiety, or depression, this is a catalyst.

If you could simply take 60 to 90 min. out of your week to make time for your self-care, for you, for your own wellness, you would have no regrets.

No matter the reason, you found me. I am here to ease your pain and to remind you of one very important thing….. You Matter! 

Take my hand and let’s walk this journey 


Brightlife’s Signature Sessions

Massage is an important piece of self-care, especially for those who suffer from overwhelm, chronic stress, and mental illnesses. 

Stress alone can take a major toll on the body and cause it to go into overload causing many symptoms such as issues sleeping, low concentration, headaches, body aches ( especially in neck and shoulders) and short tempered or less able to handle stress. 
Bottom line is when you suffer, your loved ones suffer. I provide many different kind of stress relief sessions and can help work with other professionals in your life to create the best possible wellness plan for you.



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Wellness & Coaching

You know how when you have a lot going on in your life, your overwhelmed, your exhausted, your brain feels foggy and start to feel the tension in your low back, you feel that claw in your stomach. You tired of being stressed out, exhausted, and letting pain run your life.


I can help you go from stress, pain and overwhelm to feeling relaxed, fulfilled, and all that good stuff that comes with feeling better! I combine coaching and bodywork to help connect the mind-body connection. Our culture teaches us we have to start in the brain, but if you actually start with the body, you are able to learn to make empowered choices to move forward in life to create more freedom and joy in your life so you live a healthier, happier life.



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The Calm



Come Experience a safe, calm, healing environment where you are guided to be still, be present and be in your body to create a powerful connection in mind, body and spirit to create a powerful healing path where the body can learn to relax, let go and begin the healing process. Each session will focus on guided breath-work, and mind-body connection to bring awareness to your body by moving you through gentle restorative yoga poses that are combined with gentle therapeutic touch.

Simple restorative poses and breathing techniques you can practice even after the sessions are over. I invite you to join me for an hour of safe, positive, nurturing, therapeutic touch blended with gentle movement, restorative yoga poses, guided breathing and trauma informed touch.

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Trauma Informed

Touch Therapy

Trauma informed bodywork works to integrate the pieces back together again. It provides a slow application of touch that helps bring the client back in their bodies. 

It’s a simple approach for working with people who’ve forgotten what it means to be in the here and now; people who’ve forgotten what it feels like to “feel.” They numb out everything- their joy, their capacity to feel alive and their ability to feel safe in the world. It’s frustrating. Their capacity to experience life is greatly diminished.

It may be nothing more than a simple holding of a spot. It may be no touch at all. An entire session of Trauma Touch Therapy work might focus exclusively on how the client feels in their body, or getting them to sit still long enough to feel anything at all.



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Hi, I’m Jessa

 Life Coach, Massage Therapist, and Trauma Informed Body-work. 

Because of my own experiences, I can help others find balance, release stress, and help reduce symptoms that come with stress, depression, anxiety and trauma..

I help teach you to be still, be present and be in your body to create a powerful connection in mind, body and spirit to create a powerful healing path where the body can learn to relax, let go and begin the healing process.

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