Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the one running a Public Speaking Circle for woman

I was one the one who called in sick to school when it was my turn to speak in front of the class.. I was the shy one, the quiet one, the one that played small, stayed hidden and never spoke up… Staying on the sidelined felt safe for me, and gave me a sense of security. After all, who could hurt me if I stayed in the shadows where no one could see me?

I was the one in unhealthy relationships, jobs I hated, a life that made me miserable and never actually showing my full potential. This was me. Shy, unspoken. Quiet… Until I finally made a conscious decision years ago that I was NOT going to be that person who fears every moment of life, fears voicing thoughts and opinions, fears trying new things, fears being real and my true self, and fears taking on new challenges and getting out of my comfort zone I believe that I had too much love in my heart, too much passion in my soul, and too much wisdom and depth to NOT share my brilliance, power and beauty with the world…

This summer, I took on the WomanSpeak challenge to become a Circle Leader because I strongly believe that if I can FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY, if I can move out of my own way to get my voice heard and make a difference in the world, then ANY woman can unleash her voice to share her POWER! I can help you do this in a comfortable and safe space. Where you get to learn, practice, and stand in your truth of who you are! A place of safety, trust and support of other beautiful woman just like you. A place where you finally learn to be your truth without judgment,
shame or guilt… a place to find yourself again.

Benefits of a Woman Speak Circle…


Be a part of a community where woman feel safe and comfortable to share their messages from a place of power, clarity, authenticity, influence, authority, and confidence


It’s a place for growth and empowerment


It’s a place for positive energy and support


It’s a place for bonding and friendships where you build strong relationships with other supportive woman just like you


It’s a place where you are deeply listened to and celebrated




It’s a place where women blossom in front of your eyes and go through breakthroughs from the very first session to the last..only growing stronger with every circle they attend

I believe that any woman can benefit from joining my circle because ultimately we are all speakers in our everyday life no matter what role you play…

Teachers ( you lead young girls everyday)

Mom's ( your children watch you and mimic your own behavior, you are their 1st teacher)

Business owners ( your business will grow the more you speak about it, and your voice is the most power tool you have)

Relationships ( heal when you have the power to communicate your needs & desires)

This is for you no matter who you are because your voice is the most powerful tool a woman carries. Join me on this transformational journey and find your true power from within!

Be a witness to Courage, Boldness, and Authenticity… Walk away with the greatest sense of fulfillment and gratitude, with more clarity on what is possible, with more motivation to make an impact, and a MISSION and VISION LARGER than life…


I believe EVERY woman needs to tap deeper into her potential…

I believe EVERY woman has a powerful message she has not YET shared…

I believe EVERY woman should give herself the gift of experiencing a Woman Speak Circle at least ONCE with no pressure to join a Circle.

If you are feeling held back with your voice, if you have messages you are not sharing, if you want to share more with the world, if you want to feel deeply listened to and celebrated, if you want to tap into your deepest authentic self, if you want to become influential and powerful, if you want to speak up for more money and opportunities, if you want to be supporting other women and feel supported, if you want to set an example for all the young girls out there who are watching you go through your journey… Then, I invite you to join us for ONE Intro Night…I promise, it will be an INCREDIBLE experience, and I would LOVE to help support you in unleashing your brilliance…


This is a powerful and effective program for women in my community! I Iook forward to going on this journey with you in this group and in Woman Speak. Love and Light to you, ALWAYS..

You hold the power

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