Hey There Beautiful,

I’m Jessa Johnson- Life Coach, Reiki Master, Holistic Healer, Speaker, Friend and Spirit Junkie… I help teach woman how to find the FREEDOM & HEALING to create a life they LOVE!


BREAK FREE from depression, low self-esteem and negative thinking and create a radical road to healing!

Join me on a transformational, life-changing journey with my weekly coaching sessions, mediations, and more… Learn simple, powerful tools that you can use in your busy everyday life to help keep you on track and create lasting change!!


your passion & strengths and take back your POWER so you live a life with of greatness and purpose!!


 yourself from the pain and negative thinking that runs your life so you find the FREEDOM to live a life with happiness, security & love.


Past the barriers that keep you stuck with small, easy to follow steps that help MOVE you forward with confidence & ease.


A vision for your life that excites you find FULFILLMENT, PASSION and JOY in your everyday life!

Life is too hard to go through alone. I created a place where you always feel welcome, safe, and understood. A place where someone is here for you, who will understand & support you along the way. Take my hand, and let’s do this together!

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