Welcome to your healing place-your escape from the day-to-day stress, worries & pain.

Rejuvenate, relax & balance your mind, body & spirit



Imagine what it would feel like if you had an experience that allowed you to fully let go, relax and walk away feeling like you are walking on clouds?


What if you could find balance, release stress, and reduce symptoms that come with depression, anxiety, or day-to-day stress?


What would your life look like if you were able to start enjoying life instead of allowing your pain & stress to run your everyday life?


I invite you to come experience a sense of well-being, relaxation, serenity and whole-body healing. Set your goals to rest, rejuvenate, balance or build strength. Our services will allow you to reach a new level of health, spirituality and relaxation.


” My goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every guest while offering knowledgeable and friendly service, unique healing experience, all combined to be the best experience in town”

Jessa Johnson


 At Brightlife Massage your sessions are more than a luxury or one-time treat. From the moment you arrive, to your head laying on the table, you will feel yourself letting go, and relaxing.

Each session is based on your body’s emotional health and well-being to provide a customized series of relaxing, stress relief sessions- each building on the last- to calm your nerves, clear your mind, and relax your everyday stress to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Indulge in sessions that leave you feeling calm, rejuvenated, and balanced

Fully let go and relax so you release the emotional stress and/or trauma held in your body causing you pain & tension

Drift off into a soothing, blissful, and peaceful state and let your stress and worries melt away


Luxury should not cost you extra, so each signature session includes aromatherapy infused hot towels on the back, feet and neck, aromatherapy infused lotions & oils, and hot stones to penetrate deep into the muscles, melting away layers of tension and stress and increasing your relaxation


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Hi, I’m Jessa

Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Trauma Informed Body-work and Spirit Junkie…specializing in helping people who suffer from stress, anxiety or depression create space for healing and deep relaxation to faciltate letting go energetically, emotionally, and physically so the body can begin to heal itself.


Because of my own experiences, I can help others find balance, release stress, and help reduce symptoms that come with stress, depression, anxiety and trauma..
I teach others to be still, be present and be in your body to create a powerful connection in mind, body and spirit to create a powerful healing path where the body can learn to relax, let go and begin the healing process.

More about Jessa

Wellness & Coaching

You know how when you have a lot going on in your life, your overwhelmed, your exhausted, your brain feels foggy and start to feel the tension in your low back, you feel that claw in your stomach. Do you realize that stress in your life is related to the stress you feel in your body?

Are you tired of being stressed out, exhausted, and letting pain run your life? I can help you go from stress, pain and overwhelm to feeling purposely, fulfilled, and all that good stuff that comes with feeling better!!


I combine coaching and bodywork to help connect the mind-body connection. Our culture teaches us we have to start in the brain but if you actually start with the body you are able to learn to make empowered choices to move forward in life to create more freedom and joy in your life to create a healthier, happier YOU!

I provide a space that is peaceful and calm so you can fully absorb all the benefits of healing. I will help you hold onto that feeling of serenity after your session through a unique wellness & coaching plan by: 

Stop running around in circles, overbooked, overworked, and exhausted. Mind-body coaching starts with the body, and helps you learn to listen to the language, stress and pain to make more empowered choices moving forward

Take time to reconnect your mind, body & spirit for whole body healing. Listen to your needs, your request and truly hear what your mind & body are saying to you 

Learn the tools needed to listen to your body, and start understanding the language of your body, how stress is talking, how your pain is talking, how your intuition is talking- the heart and soul of mind-body coaching is giving the body a voice.

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The Calm


 Even in the best of times, it’s easy to get knocked out of alignment with the energy of peace. Thankfully, we have lots of tools that can help us reconnect to stillness and joy.

One of my favorite is my “Calm Method”. I teach you simple restorative poses and breathing techniques you can practice even after the sessions are over. I invite you to join me for an hour of safe, positive, nurturing, therapeutic touch blended with gentle movement, restorative yoga poses, guided breathe and trauma informed touch.

Sessions are held in small, fully clothed groups in a safe, calm, healing environment where you are guided to be still, be present and be in your body to create a powerful connection in mind, body and spirit to create a powerful healing path where the body can learn to relax, let go and begin the healing process. Each session will focus on guided breath-work, and mind-body connection to bring awareness to your body by moving you through gentle restorative yoga poses that are combined with gentle therapeutic touch. 

I’ve learned to navigate and gain control over my depression by finding a healing power within myself and began a journey in helping others do the same. Brightlife can help you with powerful tools & relaxation techniques to help you create a pathway of healing and get your life back.

Jessa Johnson


This is a truly unique experience harmonizing the mind/body connection. You will benefit from the uplifting and restorative affects of yoga, breath-work, and touch therapy in a way that is more accessible and affordable than ever before. You can also deepen your healing journey by incorporating these sessions in between your regular therapeutic massage sessions. All created in your wellness plan!! 








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Trauma Informed

Touch Therapy

Coming soon!
Helping you create more freedom and joy in your life to create a healthier, happier YOU!

Go from feeling stuck, lonely, and broken to feeling empowered, radiating confidence and uncovering an amazing sense of self-worth Join me on a transformational, life-changing journey of healing your life and finding yourself again

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No matter where you are in life, how discouraged or hopeless you feel, there is always hope. Even with life seems to be at it worst, nothing is impossible. I want you to take steps towards living the life of your dreams, a life that feels good to you!


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