♡  feel empowered ♡  create change ♡  start living ♡  find happiness


Helping you create more freedom and joy
in your life to create a healthier, happier YOU!

 I’m Jessa- Life Coach, Massage Therapist and Spirit Junkie!

I can help you find the
FREEDOM & HEALING NEEDED to create a life that
feels good to you… break free from unhealthy
relationships, low self-esteem and negative
thinking to find the FREEDOM to live a LIFE YOU LOVE
waking up to everyday.

This is not a self-improvement course — Its a
life-changing transformational practice with clear,
easy to follow tools you can easliy implement in your
busy day to day life so you feel good every day!
Go from feeling stuck, lonely, and broken to feeling
empowered, radiating confidence and uncovering an
amazing sense of self-worth


     Join me on a transformational, life-changing journey of healing your life and finding yourself again


  No matter where you are in life, how discouraged or
hopeless you feel, there is always hope. Even with
life seems to be at it worst, nothing is impossible. I
want you to take steps towards living the life of your
dreams, a life that feels good to you!


I believe… that you not here by accident, that you are here for a reason, that you are here because you want out of your pain, because you are tired of struggling, tired of hurting and ready for something in your life to change!
 I believe… that within each of us lies the potential, beauty and greatness to heal and it is your divine right to live a life you love. 
I believe… that you need to look within to find your strength and confidence so you can start to move forward away from your pain, taking small steps everyday to shift your thinking, change your mindset and dissolve the darkness that controls your life
I believe… that fear of rejection, being judged and not being good enough is one of the biggest fears that keep some of us small and stuck …you must learn to believe in yourself, find your strength so you have the power to stop letting fear lead your life and stop you from moving forward, and finding happiness
I believe… that everything that ever happened to me throughout life – and overcoming all of it –has prepared and taught me how to help guide others through the challenges they face in life and that I have crossed your path for a reason!!
I believe… everyone deserves to be happy and I am dedicated to helping you learn the tools to help you get past the struggles & stop living in a world with so much pain! 
I believe… LOVE is the answer and that together we can change your life to create something you love waking up too each day. You deserve to be happy!



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